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Review: Tonor Condenser Microphone (USB cable)


I was sent this condenser microphone by Tonor for free for a review.

This Tonor microphone comes in a very impressive black box with a white sleeve around it. When you open up the box you will see the microphone and its tripod stand placed into a velvety plastic packaging which just looks lovely.

tonor-mic1 tonor-mic2

The microphone’s tripod holder is easy to stand up and has three legs which fold out nicely. The microphone can then be easily pushed (with a bit of force) into the top of the tripod stand. The microphone has a usb cable rather than a 3.5mm cable and you just go ahead and plug it in to any usb port on your pc/laptop.


I like to do a lot of voice recordings using the basic windows voice recording software. When I first plugged this microphone in and recorded some sound the result was…nothing! A bit miffed I tried again and the same thing happened until I right-clicked on the speaker icon, then clicked on recording devices and then right-clicked on the usb microphone and selected properties. The microphone was apparently set to 0 volume which would explain the reason for no sound. So turning it up to maximum I tried recording myself again….Success!

I place the microphone a good distance away with the actual end of the microphone about 20-30cm from my mouth. The sound it picked up was good and although it got much louder the closer I came to the microphone (of course) it was okay for what it picked up. I would say that the playback of my recordings would need me to set the speakers to maximum volume to hear myself well, but don’t believe people who say that no sound is picked up unless you are touching the microphone with your lips.
If your recording software has the feature then I’d suggest trying to enhance your recording. It really will boost the signal and make the sound come out even louder.
The sound that came out also didn’t have any added hiss to it (no more than you’d expect to get with any microphone) and I believe it did a good job of recording my musings🙂.
One other thing I also have to point out, as obvious as it might sound, but it really also depends on just how loudly you speak and I personally never talk too loudly into a microphone so my playback will always seem quieter than others.


This microphone has a great look to it and does pick up sound just as well as a Logitech microphone I have. I think one great feature about this particular one is the usb cable. Although my laptop and my tower pc both have audio jacks around the front, may pcs don’t and in the case of my laptop I only have one audio jack so I either have dedicated speakers or a microphone plugged in, I usually can’t have both at the same time.
With this having a usb cable though, it makes it that much better in my opinion.

I’d recommend this microphone for anyone looking for one, or to give one to a friend or family as a gift. The box it comes in is a really nice presentation box and the sound, as I said was decent enough. It is a touch higher priced than I would like though, and I would have liked a small leaflet about the microphone to be included but apart from that this is a great microphone for anyone.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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