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Review: Rerii 3.5mm Condenser Microphone


I was sent this condenser microphone  by Rerii for free in return for a review.

This Rerii microphone comes nicely packaged. The back of the packaging gives some specifications information about the microphone. the microphones comes with a tripod stand. The legs of the stand fold out and the microphone is very easy to just slot into place (with a bit of force) on the top of this stand.

This microphone can be used for a variety of uses and I record a lot of voice using the basic windows voice recorder. It plugs into your pc via the 3.5mm plug at the end of the red cable. My laptop had no problems immediately recognising the microphone and recording audio when I was ready.

rerii-mic1 rerii-mic2

I tried recording my voice with the microphone placed at the comfortable distance you would expect. Close enough but a good 20-30cm away from my mouth. The recording I picked up was very similar to a logitech microphone I own, better in fact. My voice was very clear and no interference or strange background hiss (no more than you would expect from this sort of microphone). To hear myself clearly I did have to put the speakers up to maximum, as my voice was quieter than when I spoke directly into the microphone -lips right against it. This is normal though and for the sound I think it was very good…Of course it also depends on just how loud you talk too, and I have to say that my voice is never that loud🙂.
I would say that if your voice recording program has it, please try enhancing the microphone’s sound. I right-clicked on the speakers icon on my laptop (windows 8.1) selected recording devices, right-clicked on the microphone, went to enhancements and for me I was able to boost the sound coming from the microphone a lot! So much so that the volume of the playback had to now be turned down!
So, if you have the option to enhance your microphone, always try.


I’d recommend this microphone to anyone looking for one for their pc. The long cable is great if you want more room and want to move this about more (my Logitech one has a terribly short cable that forces it to stay right next to the tower pc I use). The sound coming from this microphone is also very good and considering the price of this microphone I think it is very good quality.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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