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Review: Kotion G2100 Gaming Headset


I was kindly sent this gaming headset for free by FeelGlad in return for a review.

This gaming headset comes in its box along with two leaflets. The leaflets I received are both in Chinese with nothing in English so not much help, although it is easy to work out how to use this.


The headset is very comfortable to wear and I’m very happy with just how comfortable the overall feel was. There is so much padding both on the headband area and around the ears and not too tight that I could wear this headset all day. I don’t have a big head but I did need to open up the headset to the maximum size to fit on my head properly.


When you put this headset on and it fits properly it truly blocks out all outer sound. There is a cable running from the headset and this is corded which anybody who plays a lot of games will know that corded cables are far better than plastic like cords as these will fray where as this material cord will not and can withstand some bending and movement.
The cable has a plastic panel to control the sound and three connectors at the end, a usb, a 3.5mm green and 3.5mm red. The 3.5mm green connector is needed for sound and the red one should be plugged into the mic connector on your pc, but here’s the first problem I ran into. My laptop only has one connector so I cannot accurately test out a mic and sound at the same time already.

The microphone can be stored upwards in the direction of the headband or come right down to the side. Unfortunately this microphone wouldn’t lower to anything more than a right angle with the headset so it was around my nose rather than closer to my mouth. I tried plugging in the red cable into my laptop to test the microphone with my computer (as I have done so with previous headphones and headsets) and nothing. I got no sound at all. I even tried rubbing my finger on the microphone hole and got no sound at all. Although I had only tested this on my laptop and not on a pc with separate ports for sound and microphone I am disappointed as another headset I’ve reviewed was able to work and gave very clear sound.

The usb cable doesn’t have to be plugged in to get sound however if you do plug it in it will power two things. The lights on the headset and the vibration function.
The lights are just static blue and appear on both outer cups of the headset (I’ve taken a picture to show you). The other function is the vibration function which I will explain more about below.


The plastic panel along the cable adjusts both the volume and the vibration. The big wheel can be turned clockwise to increase sound and I do like this very simple and manual sound adjustment as with playing games you sometimes just want to make it that bit louder in certain parts. The other button is a switch that turns the vibration function on or off. I’d recommend trying to use the headset without this feature first, then you’ll see the difference it makes.

The sound you get is very good for playing games. Clear enough but with a lot of bass. Perhaps too much bass for those interested in their music, but for hearing the deep rumbles of explosions and gun fire you can’t beat that deep bass sound. The sound quality and the stereo for the game is good enough but the vibration feature is something that I’m not that keep on, although others may like it.
If you turn the vibration on every sound that has a deep bass will sound even stronger, the bass will be even louder, deeper and it will vibrate in your head a little. If you touch the headset while hearing these rumbles you’ll feel this vibration. It’s not a strong vibration like that of a games controller, but quite subtle and probably designed to vibrate your skull to feel each deep sound. For me though this really wasn’t my thing. I’m not keen on vibrating my skull anyway but it’s not the reason I don’t like this function. I don’t like it because the bass sound became so deep it took away from the other sounds in the game.
Some people may love this feature and really enjoy feeling each rumble in their head but for me I like hearing the music too and the higher sounds of a game and it just took away from it so I continued to use this headset with the vibration off.


Overall the general sound quality of these is good, a good stereo and they are very comfortable to wear and block out all outer noise. But the microphone doesn’t seem to work (at least not with a one port laptop) and the rumble feature is unnecessary for me. So an overall good product but one that I’m struggling to give more stars too.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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