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Review: Vampires vs Zombies


This game is great fun and all about defeating the zombies. You take the side of the vampires and are introduced to the game through a story. The game itself is not at all like plants vs zombies but rather more like Farm Frenzy in the way you play the game. The majority of the levels you play are all about producing items to help defeat the hordes of zombies that are taking over the world and threatening the lives of vampires. Although this may sound boring it really isn’t. The gameplay itself uses just the mouse but is set up just like farm frenzy. You are trying to get products as fast as possible, using different vampire workers, different buidings and trying to ship them off as fast as possible to earn a high score.

The music is fun and the whole gameplay is so daft and funny that I actually prefer this to Farm frenzy. Farm frenzy could get very repetitive as every level seemed to be the same, but with this game every few levels you end up playing a very different game. For example one of the games is all about throwing things at the approaching zombies to get rid of them(this is where it starts to feel a bit more like plants vs zombies).

The whole game has a lot of unlockable items, upgrades and a very long game time considering just how many levels there are to play. The game itself is also more fun than farm frenzy as all the things you try to make and the general story itself are very funny and silly and really add to the overall fun of this game.

The game installed fine on my vista pc and no online activation or serial code was needed. It also installs completely to your hard drive meaning no disc is needed after installation which is a bonus.

I’d really recommend this game to everyone, it’s very funny and very fun to play. The age rating seems a bit steep to me and I wouldn’t be surprised to find younger kids playing this as there really isn’t anything gory, just killing of zombies which is like plants vs zombies – in a cartoon style.

A great game, really recommend!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here



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