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Review: The Simpsons Hit & Run


*This review is for the PC BestSeller Series version.  the game is available in different formats but the general gameplay might be the same.

This game is amazingly funny and very long to fully complete so very much worth the money. The Simpsons hit and run comes on 3 pc CD-rom discs so takes a bit of time to install. I also found that on Vista it didn’t want to start until I ran the game as an administrator and set up the compatibility to windows 98. But after that the game works absolutely fine, no need for any installation codes or online activation either.

The game itself plays out a bit like a Simpsons episode. All of the favourite cast of characters is there in full 3D which for some people may look strange, but I really enjoyed the new look. All the familiar voices are there too. I won’t go into the story line itself but I’ll tell you that the game relies heavily on you driving your character to different locations around springfield. There are times when your character must leave his or her vehicle and explore an area or walk into a building, or talk to someone to get a mission, but a lot of the area is easier and faster to explore in your car.

The whole point of the hit and run is that every time, while driving, you hit a person (in true Simpsons comedy fashion) or destroy something such as a lamp post or tree you build up the ‘hit &run’ meter. This meter fills up pretty quick if you keep hitting things and once you go over a critical level you are charged with hit and run and have to escape Chief Wigam’s car before he catches and fines you. The whole point is to try and avoid building up the hit and run meter while also racing around as fast as you can.

The game is simply hilarious due to the fact that every time a character gets in or out of their car, hits a person, hits something, crashes the car, etc you get a very funny comment such as Homer’s ‘Ow, my ass!’ Every part of this game will leave you laughing, even more so if you are a fan of the Simpsons.

There are lots of missions to do within each chapter, and if you try a mission over and over a number of times and can’t complete it the game will eventually let you move on, making this a lot less frustrating than some games. There are also a lot of extras once you’ve finished the game, or to collect along the way. You can collect collectable cards within the game, unlock new vehicles (some come with an extra passenger like Grandpa-which leads to even more funny comments), and even unlock extra outfits to run around Springfield in.

Each chapter takes a section of Springfield and creates a large map which if you drive continuously forward you’ll eventually end up back where you started, like in Crazy Taxi. This means that no one character will ever drive around the whole of Springfied. Bart, Lisa and Apu for example will never drive around Evergreen Terrace.

The characters you can play with are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Apu but all the other characters make an appearance in one way or another. There really is so much great stuff in this game that I could go on and on but instead I’ll just say that anybody, Simpsons fan or not will enjoy this game for its great humour and great gameplay. I have encountered no glitches in this game and I’d really recommend it to anyone, any age!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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