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Review: LEGO Indiana Jones


I have no idea why people have had such problems running this game, for me it works great. I installed on a vista pc without the need for any online activation and the game has never caused me any problems at all. Maybe because this pc is completely offline? Who know…But this game really is great and a must have!

This is the first lego pc game I bought, apart from a brief encounter with lego racers 2. The game is very fun and completely child friendly. The game starts you in the base of the university. From here you can wander the university areas going to certain locations to either watch videos you’ve unlocked through playing the game, unlock characters, buy enhancements to the games, etc. There really is a lot to do just walking around the basic university.

In a certain area in the centre though there are portals to the three Indiana jones movies. You play them in order and they really are what makes this game so great. There are cut scenes that move the story along, but any part of the film that involved characters moving along in the adventure, or fighting, escaping ,etc are there for you to play through. Each film is separated into chapters. Each chapter is basically a level where not only do you get through the main story but you can replay again and again once you’ve played it once to unlock and find certain items or build a high score.

The chapters themselves are very close to the original films. Being a fan of the films I’m actually very impressed with how closely they’ve copied the original story, both with what happens and the game design.
The settings and the music all come from the movie and the backgrounds look very realistic but along the way there are plenty of lego items too. The whole point throughout a lego game is plenty of places need you to build things to continue on, such as building a bridge to cross a gap which your little lego character does if you press the right button while standing in the right place.

The whole game really is so fun and funny to play. Violence is really nothing to be worried about and the worst that happens is a character falls apart into their individual lego pieces (head, hat, legs, etc) before being respawned nearby to continue the game. This ‘death’ is also accompanied with the classic sound of lego blocks being dropped. Having lego things throughout the game is really what makes this game so fun to play. I especially loved the lego elephants in the temple of doom and the plastic sound they make when walking!
The game has a lot of funny moments too, and even the characters have lots of different gestures or funny things they do -just try whipping at a female character when playing Indy and you’ll see a funny kiss!

This game also has a really high replay value. Each chapter has lots more in it to unlock than you can first play. There are certain characters that need to be used in certain chapters, such as a specific character with a bazooka to destroy shiny metal objects in a level. Each level also has lots of things to do and find that you really will be replaying this game again and again, it takes a very long time to fully complete…I still haven’t!

The pc version gives you 6 save slots to play and I’ve had no problems with this game except for one time my entire save file was corrupted and I had to start again…Not sure this was a software problem though as my pc in general had issues at that time.


I really recommend this game to anyone of any age whether you’ve watched Indiana Jones or not! You don’t have to know the movies in order to enjoy this game. The characters don’t ever speak, the cutscenes are all done in a sort of slapstick style, the most voices you’ll ever hear are ‘hmmms’ and ‘ughs’, etc. The game is easy enough to understand and with a tutorial style gameplay in the first chapter you really don’t need to even read any manuals before playing. The game on pc also lets you customise your keyboard, choosing which keys you want to use…bonus!

Really great game, can’t recommend high enough, and if you liked this then I’d recommend any other lego pc game but especially lego Indiana jones 2 and the batman games! All very fun!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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