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Review: Globetrotter


Globetrotter is a great game that’s educational without making you feel like you’re in school. I’ll first discuss the gameplay and then the installation issue I’ve had:
For those that don’t know the gameplay, Globetrotter is a game that has your character (either male or female) walk around on a map of a city. You start at the Globetrotter’s club and are given assignments to take photographs of certain landmarks. Completing assignments gives you not only money but points. Earn enough points and you’ll be promoted, the idea being to try and become the president of the globetrotter’s club.

Your character starts off in western Europe (London) and only has access to western Europe such as Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, etc. Once they’ve gained experience (though completing a few basic assignments) they’ll be given access to more of Europe. Each bit of experience gained eventually leads to more and more areas of the world being available.

This game is far more fun than it seems. You not only learn about different landmarks (there’s a little info about each one) but you can take various jobs to earn money such as an astronaut in the technology sector, or a greengrocer in the service sector. There are many jobs available and each one requires you to answer about 10 questions about that subject. But all the questions are accompanied by fun images and they really do vary so you really don’t feel like you are learning when in fact you are.

The game is great for people who love to travel but also for those who’d just love to learn more about places. You also have to watch your energy in this game. There are hotels to stay in if you are tired, a cheap hotel or an expensive one. And you have to be careful at night as there are robbers around that can steal half of your cash if you don’t get away in time. The game has some great intro music to each city and some great sound effects within the cities making you feel as if you are really there.

The higher up you get in the globetrotter’s club the more places you can visit, but the harder the assignments get too. You’ll end up having to take a photograph of a landmark in one country and have to deliver it in another against the clock and all starting with limited funds. You’re given a watch too to keep tabs on time and some assignments are so different such as taking a round the world trip. It really is fun to play.

There are three modes of transport in this game, train, boat and plane and they all take a certain amount of time to travel. And eventually you will be able to visit exotic locations such as the Maldives or Galapagos islands.

This game can be quite absorbing without ever being boring. Of course the gameplay isn’t fast-paced action, so if you’re looking for that kind of game you won’t perhaps enjoy Globetrotter so much but if you are looking for a simple game that’s fun without being too hard then Globetrotter’s for you, give it a try.

Another great feature of the game is that it’s simple, it doesn’t demand a lot of graphic power on your pc, and the game saves very often automatically which is good if you encounter the couple of bugs that I did:

It’s important I point out that this game DID come out with a few bugs. There is a certain landmark in one of the Scandinavian cities (can’t remember which but will edit this when I find it) which if you click on it will automatically dump you to the desktop. It is the same landmark that does this each time. It’s no real harm done to your game, you can quickly start where you roughly were but it’s annoying. Luckily this landmark isn’t needed for an assignment and if you learn which one it is just note it down so you don’t click on it next time.

There is an area postcard in Beijing, towards the bottom which has a picture of a golden dragon on it. Again do NOT click on this area postcard as it will again dump you to the desktop.

This is not a bug but rather an error that comes with the game. The travel planner (on paper) that comes with the game that tells you which travel options are available from what cities has a few mistakes in it and I’ve had to cross out things and write in new routes. The game can be completed without it so don’t be too upset by this.

One more feature which is not a bug but rather an annoyance is that with the watch you will sometimes be sent a fax message. This message takes forever to print out and only in some cities near the edge of the map does the message come out fast. Waiting for a message to load can make you run out of time so I’d advice to ignore them, they are never that important to the gameplay, just offer you tips on things like speedymints.

These seem to be the only bugs that I’ve discovered in the game, and as long as you make a note not to click on them, you can play the game very well. It doesn’t harm your gameplay at all. And reloading Globetrotter is so fast that it’s not such a big deal.

Installing Globetrotter a long time ago on my windows 98 machine had no problems BUT: It does NOT work on vista. The actual installation does happen, the game installs fine, but when trying to play the game I click on it and…nothing. I have tried every compatibility mode I have and still can’t get the game to work…which is such a shame as this game is so fun. I can’t tell you if it will work on even newer machines so be cautious if you buy this game. There is a possible solution though not ideal for people who can’t get this game to work, try Globetrotter 2! I’ve already reviewed it and in my opinion the game is even better and does work on vista so will hopefully work on newer windows too. If you have an older pc or have gotten Globetrotter to work on a newer pc then please leave a comment to let others know how it works.

This game is great fun to play and I’d recommend it to anyone if you can get it to work. It’s an old game now so some things may be inaccurate (New York features the twin towers for example) but it’s still a lot of fun and you really do learn some interesting facts without feeling like you’re at school. Great fun for all ages although young kids may not want to be asked questions about fertility in the midwife career.

Rating: 5/5

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