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Review: Barnyard


This game is incredibly funny and has a ridiculously long gameplay. I bought this game having never seen the film, but it didn’t matter, the story unfolds without the need to know who everyone is. For those that don’t know, the most important fact to understand is that all the farm animals actually walk on 2 legs, but not in front of humans….

The game starts with you selecting the name and gender of your cow (you play a cow). The story of the original film plays out during this game with you as an additional character on the farm. The start of the game is easy as you are given a tutorial style beginning introducing basic movements. This game starts with simple missions and games which are both very fun to play and not too hard to complete. The various missions or tasks involve all sorts of things, from protecting a chickens chicks to playing gopher golf, every game you play is hilarious and made me laugh. Getting to and from missions is the best part for me, although you can run around on two feet (with your udder shaking in a weirdly funny way) you can also ride a bike! This looks really funny and is what made me buy the game in the first place (the strange picture of a cow riding a bike on the back cover!)

The whole game, although following a story, is very much open world. You get to explore the large area at your own pace. You can stay around the farm, explore the golf course, etc. All the roads you take will eventually loop back and you’ll end up where you started but the world to explore is incredibly large and kept me very busy for a long time. There are certain missions that you get at certain locations and in a general order, so to progress the story you will have to eventually meet a character at a certain location, but having the freedom to explore is really what makes this game so fun.

The day eventually changes into might and at night the barn turns into a bit of a disco. There’s opportunities for you to buy items to turn this barn into more and more of a disco. The farm at night is also different with various missions only available during certain times, so you can explore or go to bed to change the day to night or vice versa.

The mini games/missions are all very fun and can be replayed from a menu once they’ve been unlocked. You can aim to get a highscore in these games (whether this unlocks something yet I don’t know as I’m missing a couple of high scores). The range and amount of games to play is actually far bigger than I first thought. Although there are obvious games that are mission based there are lots like the pool table that have nothing to do wit the story and are just a lot of fun.

The entire barnyard game is very fun and comical. All the characters are funny and all the sound effects are great. The whole game seems very child friendly but it’s also great for the adults too.

The installation went great on my vista pc with no need for any codes or online activation. And the game in fact runs without the need for a disc too!

I’d recommend this game to any one of any age whether you’ve seen the movie or not! It really has a long campaign and just seems to last forever. Plus once the main story is over there is so much to still unlock and look around at. There are lots of places to explore and things to find that nobody will be disappointed with the length of gamplay here. With funny characters and a great storyline too this really is an underestimated gem of a game!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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