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Review: Dark Arcana – The Carnival


This game is a great hidden object game with more to offer than you might think. The game installs well on my vista pc and doesn’t need any online activation or serial codes. This game has a good intro movie and then you start the game. This game has a good story running through it and some very creepy looking scenes. Just like with alawar titles you find hidden objects within the static scenes, but unlike some other similar games this one has a bonus game that you can play if you are having trouble finding the objects. For each object you need to find you can play a game called Monaco. It’s like a mini card game of matching symbols. This is supposed to add some fun and relief if you are having trouble finding all the objects but I didn’t.🙂

The story is a good one and didn’t make me feel lost like some alawar titles sometimes do (Twisted Lands) and the ending is also a good satisfying one. The game also has a good strong music playing throughout and although I do love the music in this game it sometimes felt almost too intense.

This game comes with some extras that you can install into your pc such as all of the music that you hear in game and also some pictures/wallpapers although I haven’t looked properly at this feature yet. I will update this review when I have.

Overall I’d really recommend this game to anyone of any age. Younger kids may find some of the scenes a bit creepy but this game wasn’t too shocking for me. And with a story that is both good, engrossing, a good length and one that makes sense this game is a very good buy.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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