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Review: Crazy Chicken Pirates


This game is another click and shoot game from Crazy Chicken. The aim of the game is to use your mouse cursor to aim at the chickens on the screen and then shoot them by pressing the left mouse button, reloading your ammo with the right mouse button every few rounds. The game is not the most exciting I’ve played. You basically see lots of chickens come onto the screen and have to shoot as many as possible within the time limit. There are many other things to shoot at too apart from the chickens, such as gems and skull and crossbones, finding all these items and shooting at them might be the way to unlock the bonus level mentioned, but I still haven’t managed it, although it is fun trying.

The graphics for this game are lovely, you can scroll the screen left and right and all of the chickens are in 3D. I enjoy this game a lot as I’m constantly trying to shoot at all the items in shot as well, but watch out as some things can actually reduce your score if you shoot them.

The game has been given a 12+ rating and I think this is due to the fact that all of crazy chicken games that contain a gun seen to have this rating. But apart from a quick chicken sound there really isn’t really anything violent about their deaths, they just disappear and I can easily see much younger kids playing this game. Other similar games involving click and shoot are Crazy Chicken Wanted, Crazy Chicken Invasion and Moorhuhn X (although I warn parents to check an image in that game before giving it to young kids).

The game installs fine on vista and doesn’t require any online activation or codes; you also won’t need the disc in the drive once its installed. I’d recommend this game to anyone for a short burst of gameplay but I wouldn’t pay a high price for this game as there’s not much else other than the scene you’re shown and an elusive bonus level. Still it’s great for short bursts of fun.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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