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Review: Chuck Rock

Chuck Rock is a very funny platformer game for the mega drive. The game’s story has you playing the character on the front called Chuck. His wife’s (I think) has been kidnapped and its up to him to rescue her. He’s a caveman so every level takes place during the time of the dinosaurs. There are levels on land, in caves and even underwater.

The main game’s controls are jump and attack (I can’t remember which button is which but it’s quick to learn so you don’t need the manual). The attack is usually his belly bouncing out, which can attack creatures that are coming in close, but you can also jump and attack which makes him kick at the creatures. Another way to attack is to pick up a rock, when next to a rock you press a button and can pick it up. Then chuck can walk with this rock, the bigger the rock the slower his walk. While walking with the rock he’s protected from enemies above, and can also throw the rock with the attack button at enemies ahead. Rocks can also be used to create a platform to make it easier to jump walls that are too high, they can even be stacked on top of each other for even more height! Along the way you collect pieces of meat which replenish any health that you lose.

This game is very fun. I’m surprised with how much I like it. It’s a platformer game but pretty tough to master. The music though really gives it a great feel and I really enjoy playing this game to this day. The game as I said though is tough to complete, very tough. You need to spend a lot of time playing the game in order to complete it fully, but for a regular platformer game with side-scroll 2D action this really is a great game and far better than a lot of platformers out today.

I’d recommend this game to anyone of any age. It’s a bit different to the likes of Sonic, more puzzle than speed, but it’s a lot of fun!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on on amazon UK, click here


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